On Saturday, 19th October 2019, International Blockchain Symposium 2.0 (IBS 2.0) was held at JW Marriott, KL, Malaysia. The event was powered by DDK Foundation and its partners DNC and Dinar Exchanger and having Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insaniah Srikandi Malaysia as the organizing partners. This event would not be possible without its main sponsored The Ezzra Serum. There is also collaboration from the developers’ company that came from various regions such as Coinranking.com (Holland), Miranz Technologies (Pakistan), Chakravuyha Technologies Software (India) and ESKA (Ukraine) to give exposure about upcoming opportunities in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and FinTech world. More than 500 blockchain and FinTech enthusiasts and professionals attended the event exploring the room to grow in the industry across various regions.

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The event kicked off at 8:00 am with guest registration and VVIP and VIP arrival, followed by the Negaraku song. The event was divided into two sessions that continued until 11:30 pm.

Session I: International Blockchain Forum & MOU Signing

The first session started at 9:30 am with the prayer recital and emcee introduction that inviting Mr. Ameer Ali bin Vali Mohamed, a Special Economic Officer of YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, to give an opening speech for the event. The session starts with the speech from Co-Founder of Coinranking.com, Mr. Maarten Wiersema from Holland, shed light on the versatile topic “Importance of Listing Platform for Crypto.” During the presentation, Mr. Maarten also told the audience how Coinranking is assisting the cryptocurrencies and traders by giving them the real-time value of a specific cryptocurrency.

Subsequently, Mr. Talha Yousuf from Miranz Technologies, Pakistan informed the audience about DDK Marketing Activities and DNC Wallet. He explained how DDK became successful and implementing advanced marketing techniques and how Miranz Technologies contributed to its growth. Talha further told attendees about the working on the DNC wallet. The speech was very informative that assisted other companies in boosting their marketing efforts too.

The speaker session is paused for a moment to give way to our VVIP guest, Mr. Ameer Ali bin Vali Mohamed (Special economic officer of YAB TPM) to receive a token of appreciation from us. Before he had to leave the event, he was visited exhibitors’ booths to take a look of the product that received cryptocurrency as payment method. A lot of exhibitors that come from different sectors that embracing blockchain technology was there such as Harimau Mint Gold (HMG), The Ezzra, Blockspace, DDKoin Booth, Melati Tanjung Holidays, Izliyah Kitchen Baby Food, Miranz Technologies, and Crypto Revolution (CREV).

The event was continued by presentation from Founder & CEO of Chakravuyha Software Technologies (India), Mr. Sri Saiteja Annareddy, also gave a presentation on the DINEX Trading Platform. He explained the working and principal values of Dinar Exchange (DINEX), how it assists swift trading and promotes transparency.

The presentation followed by the speeches of CEO of ESKA from Ukraine, Mr. Ivan Skrypka, and CTO of VNDC Ltd, Mr. Nguyen PhuQuy from Vietnam. Mr. Ivan explained DDK new explorer with the unmatchable capability to cope with massive transactions. He also told the audience that DDK will soon come with developers’ central, updated explorer, new core and virtual machine for maximum efficiency. Mr. Nguyen from Vietnam gave a brief on Vietnam’s first-ever stable coin i.e., VNDC. Whereas, 1VNDC = 1VND, aimed at increasing the liquidity from crypto to fiat money for Vietnamese. The coin is based on ERC-20 (Ethereum Blockchain) & BEP2 (Binance Chain) with a total supply of 99.000 billion VNDC.

Mr. Muhammad Anas Bin Mohd Bukhori from Innovative International College, Malaysia gave a presentation on Barter to Bitcoin and explained blockchain and cryptocurrency and their significance. He also spoke up about how the Innovative International College is contributing to the spread of advanced education. 

At 12:00 pm, forum discussion was held on Vision 2020 Towards Cashless Society with moderator Master Founder YH Dato’ Arai Ezzra. The speakers were Mr Ivan Skrypka (CEO of ESKA), Mr Talha Yusuf (Senior Blockchain Developer of Miranz Technologies), Mr Sri Saiteja Annareddy (Founder & CEO of Chakravuyha Software Technologies), Mr Maarten Wiersema (Co-Founder of Coinranking.com), MsSuci Aprila (HimpunanPengusaha Muda Indonesia (HIPMI), and Mr Kevin Koo S K (Malaysia Lawyer). A lot of interesting topic such as blockchain ecosystem, the acceptances of cryptocurrency and the regulation was discussed during this session. There is Q&A session too between the speakers and the audience that are interested to know more about this technology and its acceptance.  

The certification ceremony was also held at the end of the session. DDK signed partnership certification with ESKA, Miranz Technologies, Chakravuyha Software Technologies, and Coinranking.com. Certificate of Participation signing session was also made with Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia (HIPMI) and VNDC Ltd. A souvenir was given to Mr. Kevin Koo S K as appreciation of his participation as a speaker in forum discussion. Last but not least, a certificate of future collaboration session was signed with Innovative International College. DDK Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Innovative International College to offer blockchain-related and digital currencies (crypto) programs that make it the first of its kind to be offered at a local university. Innovative International College also will be the first college in Malaysia to accept the cryptocurrency (DDKoin) as a method of payment. This collaboration is in response towards the Malaysia government’s recommendation to adopt the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the education and industrial sectors.

Session II: Partners and Collaborators Dinner Appreciation

The second session “Partners and Collaborators Dinner Appreciation,” started at 7:00 pm and ended at 11:30 pm with the VIP arrival and welcome speech by Y.H. Dato Arai Ezzra. Arabian Night themed dinner was held entertaining guests with delicious food, dancing, and singing performance.

The event also covered the Product Gimmick Launching ceremony for The Ezzra Serum.  Project CEO Ms. Shuhada Zainal’s also gave a speech. There were Trusted Delegates Graduation Ceremony on that night to celebrates the graduation of DDK delegates that came from Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Yamen, Thailand, Philippines, USA, Denmark, Bangladesh, and Brunei.

Certificates were presented to President & Vice of Trusted Delegates Big Group:

a.         Fintech Empowerment Group (FEG)

•           FaizulAzwan Ismail – (FEG Founder)

•           Zainal Abidin Bin Mansor – (FEG Advisor)

b.         Global Force Alliance (GFA)

•           Navaratnam A/L Velanadam – (President GFA)

•           HajurulAssuad Bin Ahmad – (Vice President I GFA)

•           HasmiBt Hashim – (Vice President II GFA)

c.         Universal Foundation Organization (UFO)

•           Mohd Yusof Sabri – (President UFO)

•           SuzanaBinteJahaya – (Vice President UFO)

d.         Crypto Revolution (CREV)

•           Mhd Razali Raona – (Founder CREV)

•           Rommel Celeste Santos – (Vice President CREV)

Certificates were also presented to Trusted Delegates based on the Countries:

  1. Malaysia
  2. Cambodia
  3. Australia
  4. Indonesia
  5. Vietnam
  6. Singapore
  7. Japan
  8. Yamen
  9. Thailand
  10. Brunei

Token of Appreciation was given to Master Delegates. Master Delegates is rewards that given to the Trusted Delegates that achieves highest DDK Sales in 3 months. There were six (6) Trusted Delegates that received this awards:

a.         TD Code :TD024_AlalaaDelegate

•           Name: Hanafiah Mahaffar

•           Country: Malaysia

•           Achievement: 6033 DDK Sales within three months

b.         TD Code :TD091_VictorNguyen

•           Name: Nguyen Huu Thang Y

•           Country: Vietnam

•           Achievement: 5935.7 DDK Sales within three months

c.         TD Code: TD060_CREV_ Indo-China

•           Name: Ro Bora

•           Country: Cambodia

•           Achievement: 5827.3 DDK Sales within three months

d.         TD Code: TD050_CREV_REVOLUTION

•           Name: Mhd Razali Raona

•           Country: Malaysia

•           Achievement: 5094 DDK Sales within three months

e.         TD Code :TD008_KDD4U

•           Name: Hasmi Bt Hashim

•           Country: Malaysia

•           Achievement: 4049 DDK Sales within three months

f.          TD Code :TD005_faizulfeg

•           Name: Faizul Azwan Ismail

•           Country: Malaysia

•           Achievement: 4046 DDK Sales within three months

The event was concluded with the best dress award, “King & Queen” 2 from Management team and 2 from audiences. Congratulation to all winners and Trusted Delegates that were officially graduated on that night.

To sum up, the event has empowered people with updated knowledge about blockchain technology which helped them to learn advanced techniques and skills that enhance their knowledge in blockchain and its ecosystem. Thank you to all participant that join this event to get the latest knowledge on blockchain ecosystem directly from Developers and blockchain expert that were brought from different of countries to share their knowledge with us, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” — Henry David Thoreau. In all, it was a step towards DDK’s promise to work together with the community not only online but also arranging occasionally live (offline) activities for enhanced participation and user engagement.

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