On March 8, 2020, at international women’s day, CEO of DDK Project, Ms. Nurshuhada Zainal invited to ‘Selamat Pagi Malaysia’ on RTM TV 1, in segment Women Inspiration: Successful Women Icon together with Datin Seri Lynda Hamid as a Chairman of Persatuan Kebajukan dan Usahawan Wanita (KUWA).

-Ms. Shuhada is one of inspiration and prove that women also can be successful as an entrepreneur.?

-She shared her impressive achievements, valuable experience, challenges, and risk in this blockchain industry where she started from zero to now become one of the successful businesswomen for almost 5 years in the blockchain industry.

-Ms Shuhada shared her message that:- Choose and learn from a good mentor in the industry, follow and make them as a guideline, we will improve ourselves and become successful from time to time.
Digital and blockchain industry is the new era, so what she does is give an education and awareness continuously. This is how to spread knowledge about blockchain technology to peoples.

Thank you? Ms. Shuhada for sharing your strength, courage, and wisdom with us! You may Refer to youtube link here: https://youtu.be/xAhYcFlSLqs

Take a moment to acknowledge all of the strong and exceptional women in our lives!

?Happy International Women’s Day?


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